Jared Kaplan

Operations Manager


Jared is passionate about helping people. He started with Workspace Innovations in 2010. Jared took a 2.5 year sabbatical from Workspace Innovations to join law enforcement during some of the most scrutinized years of the profession. Jared loved being able to help people in need while wearing the uniform but decided his true calling was back at Workspace Innovations.

Working in law enforcement enhanced Jared’s skills to fix problems, attend to the most complicated install and even successfully complete custom work, which tends to make clients happy. He’s also able to exceed expectations with top-flight customer service – and do it with a smile on his face – which also makes clients happy. That, in turn, tends to make us happy.

In his 10+ years with WSI, Jared has traveled across the country relocating large hospitals, setting up schools and working on Armed Force bases. He is committed to customer satisfaction and is willing to go above and beyond for our clients.

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