Ways to Reduce Noise in the Workplace

Open floor plans can lead to energizing and modern work environments. It can also lead to a lot of noise, particularly in workspaces where people spend a great deal of time on the phone or collaborating with coworkers. In an attempt to tame distractions that come with high levels of noise, more offices are adopting novel ways to reduce noise in the workplace.

Ideally, noise abatement is incorporated into workspace design, incorporating noise-suppressing wall coverings, flooring and art. In the real world, a full-office redesign isn’t always in the cards. That doesn’t mean you can’t make minor design changes to your workspace to tame noise levels.

Sound Masking

You don’t need to redesign your workspace to reduce noise in the workplace with sound masking techniques from WSI Interiors. Sound masking places background noise or white noise key areas of a workspace, helping cover some of everyday noise and conversations of an open floor plan office. It’s easy to implement, and helps provide a sense of privacy for workers.


Plants don’t merely give your office a boost of oxygen. They’re great at absorbing sound, too. Foliage can transform a noisy, sound-reflective wall into a hush-inducing one. You’ll need to commit to maintenance such as watering and feeding them, but once established, they can transform a workspace’s noise levels.

Quiet Zones

Setting aside an open office or a section of the building for as a designated quiet space can help employees escape from the bustle of an open workspace and focus on important projects without distractions.

Collaborative Zones

Conversely, establishing controlled areas where employees can collaborate on projects, make calls and handle other noisy tasks, doesn’t just remove distractions from the general workspace. It sets the tone that the primary workspace is a place where employees are expected to manage noise levels.

Wall Partitions

Temporary wall partitions have been part of the office landscape for decades, and for good reason: They’re a cost-effective and simple way to break up space and control noise. WSI Interiors also offers modern styles that move past the fabric-coated rectangles of yesteryear.

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