What is Commercial Interior Design?

Commercial interior design is the practice of developing workspaces, retail centers and restaurants to effectively and stylishly use space. Commercial designers work with clients to discover their needs and develop a commercial space that fits their needs and supports their goals.

While residential interior designers usually aim to make a home comfortable and as habitable as possible, commercial interior designers seek to create spaces that support the function of a business, whatever that is. In most cases, they’ll also work to create a space that’s as visually appealing and projects the company’s brand in the workplace.

Commercial interior design is much more than merely focusing on style, color and textures as residential interior decorators do. Commercial interior designers’ typically begin working with businesses earlier in the build out process than decorators.

Designers help companies maximize the functionality of their workspace by helping them examine how they work, how they interact with customers and how the role of the physical environment plays into that. In office environments, many businesses recognize the power a well crafted workspace has on their employees’ performance. From analyzing your needs to picking furnishings that are durable, ADA compliant and help project the style you need, your commercial interior designer will develop a plan.

From floor plan layouts and office furnishings to developing customer-facing spaces, designers control space and mood to impact your bottom line. Just as important from a production point of view, commercial interior designers help streamline your project, handling project management tasks that make your move, remodel or new workspace project simple, allowing you to focus on keeping your business growing.

Discover the power commercial interior design can bring to your business. Reimagine your workspace with WSI Interiors. Call us at 970.568.5210 to discuss how our team can rework your office or retail location to suit your needs and style.

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