5 Reasons Why Office Design is Important to Your Business

Office Design can directly affect employee health, well-being, and productivity. A significant number of hours are spent within the workplace and it is fundamental that the surroundings not only support your employee’s needs but also be comfortable, visually appealing and a welcoming environment for your staff and clients. Here are 5 reasons why office design is important to your business.


Flexible design is the future of workspace layout. Consider how your office layout and furniture offer flexibility for your staff. Moveable furniture lets teams work in different ways – collaboratively or alone – creatively or traditionally. Worker comfort can directly affect productivity, job satisfaction, retention, and employee health. By creating a flexible design, you can better utilize the square feet in your office and facilitate employee productivity and well-being.

Company Culture

Office design isn’t only a good way to provide more tailored support towards employees, it’s also a great way to express brand values and can speak volumes about your company’s identity. When your clients come to a meeting, your office waiting areas and boardrooms make up their first impression of your business. Careful consideration should be given to every office design decision to ensure they consistently convey company values and personality. If your business is fueled by creativity or is at the cutting edge of technology, then embrace it in your office design.

Open Plan vs. Cubicles

Open offices are not always the right solution, especially when companies squeeze too many people into too small of a space. Making a phone call can feel like an intrusion to your coworkers and productivity can take a hit. When you offer a place for people to go for privacy, like an enclosed room or cubicle, it makes the experience much better.


Collaborative areas are designed to get people more involved and connected with one another. Meeting spaces like lounge areas, benches, tables, or even cafe areas can be created to encourage collaboration and take the place of private offices or formal conference rooms.

Employee Morale

Lighting, room colors, and space are design elements that can impact employee morale. Go beyond the basics of what people need to make your organization run smoothly and efficiently and think about what makes them feel more creative, inspired and engaged at work – whether that’s a splash of color, some simple comfortable seating areas, or more natural light.

Your office is more than a building, it’s the heart of your business. Use office design as a tool to extend your company’s values, keep staff engaged, and support the different ways your staff likes to work all year round. Get in touch with WSI Interiors & Design today to get started on your workspace design!


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