Woodward Corporate Headquarters

Woodward headquarters in Fort Collins selected WSI to assist in their new corporate furnishings. Woodward is one of the world’s largest independent designer, manufacturer, and service provider of control system solutions and components for the aerospace and industrial markets. They selected WSI to create and execute a flexible  furnishings plan that could be applied company wide.

Woodward needed timeless furnishings solutions that could adapt to support future growth, not only at the headquarters location, but also in all 14 countries in which the company has offices. The Fort Collins building is a truly unique spatial design, this made for a one of a kind install experience, with glass walls and hanging rails. However, our initial walkthrough included a density study to carefully maximize the use of employees and space. This greatly benefited our service team in placement of final furnishings.

Woodward houses several campuses in Northern Colorado, each with a unique floorplan. The Lincoln headquarters building consists of an open floorplan and large glass windows. Our staff loved the big, bright building and the seamless blend of workstations and private offices. Consequently, the space was ideal to incorporate timeless corporate furnishings. Above all, we are fortunate that a lot of our staff live and work in our fabulous Fort Collins and we are beyond thrilled to get opportunities to work with other local companies. Woodward is a huge part of Fort Collins and we are grateful for the relationship.

Location: Fort Collins, CO

Major Industry: Technology, Aerospace, Government

Employees: 200+

Divisions: Furniture/Service


Woodward solves, improves and addresses the challenges its customers face and delivers solutions that are an essential part of the technology changing the world.